Thai Chili Bean Paste is a chili paste used to make Nam Ngiaw (น้ำเงี้ยว), the most beloved northern Thai dish in northern Thailand.  Nam Ngiaw (น้ำเงี้ยว) is a stew, with influence from Burma and southern Yunnan, often made with a tangy tomato base, that includes dry roasted chilies, pork bones or beef, and cubes of congealed blood. The stew is typically served with khanom jeen (fresh rice noodles), a variety of raw vegetables like bean sprouts and cilantro, with lime wedges and dry chili flakes to garnish.


Ingredients: Chili 25%, Onion 20%, Garlic 17%, Shrimp Paste 10%, Vegetable Oil 10%, Fermented Soy Bean 10%, Lodized Refined Salt 7.7% and MSG 0.3%. No preservatives. No artificial colors.

Thai Chili Bean Paste 80g

  • 1. Boil one pack of curry paste with 1 kg of ribs in 8 l of water.

    2. Add 1 kg of minced, 1 kg of tomato, 500 g of boiled blood and season as needed.

    3. Serve with rice noodle, sprinkle with bean sprouts, coriander leaves and spring onion on top.