Thai Direct uses fresh, natural and high quality ingredients in Thailand to make our Thai hot sauce. Our Thai hot sauce has unique spicy and smoky flavors with a thick texture and a slight hint of sourness and sweetness. The sauce adds spice and flavor to anything you might be eating or cooking. It is perfect as a wonderful dip for finger foods and snacks of all kinds (chips, fresh veggies, meatballs, sausages, spring rolls, egg rolls, chicken wings, etc.), a side condiment for meals and soups, a fabulous marinade and sauce (BBQ, pizza, chicken wings, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, noodles, etc.), a handy cooking ingredient (salsa dips, pasta dishes, pizza, soups, stir-fries, fried rice, roast or fried chicken, casseroles, stews, etc.), as well as a good substitution for fresh chili peppers.

Thai Hot Sauce 200 ml

  • Spicy Level: very spicy

    Ingredients: Thai red chili peppers, vinegar, sugar, garlic and salt