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Thai Direct Bowls' Story


We are originally from Thailand. Our love for street Thai food makes us want to share it with others. We also want to make it healthy while preserving all the authentic Thai flavors that make Thai cuisine uniquely delicious.


Street Thai food is usually one simple dish in a bowl or on a plate for a complete meal. In Thailand, most street Thai dishes are sold by street vendors or at food markets in urban area. Some specialize in only one or two dishes, others offer a complete menu that rivals that of restaurants. The foods that are made to order, tend to be dishes that can be quickly prepared: quick stir fries with rice, such as spicy basil or fried rice, and quick curries such as green or red curry.

Our Thai Bowls


Our Thai bowls are healthy versions of famous street Thai dishes using our own Thai sauces made with authentic, natural, and non GMO ingredients with no MSG and no or minimal amount of sugar added. Our Thai sauces are gluten and dairy free. 

We offer two ways for you to enjoy our Thai bowls. You can either choose one of our beloved bowls or create your own signature bowl to enjoy it the way you most prefer. Kin Hai Aroy! (Bon Appétit in Thai)

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